Veteran Affairs

For the Veteran.

You'll need to contact your local "Prosthesis/SCI Department" or the department where you get your wheelchair supplies. Since we are new VA vendor, you may need to pass our information along (listed below) to the person in charge of the ordering at you VA facility (usually the OT or PT).
In our experience each VA has their own procedure.  You may have to be evaluated by an OT/PT. 
For the VA Consignee.
If your VA facility isn't already demoing RibGrips and you would like a set of RibGrip handrim covers for testing, please contact us. We can send your facility a demo set.
For Veteran quotes, please send us an email with:
* Veteran's Last Name or any reference you would like on the quote.
* The handrim diameter size or wheel size (i.e 24", 25" 26"). 
Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide us their actual handrim diameter.  We ask that each customer provide the handrim diameter measured across the center point to outer edges along with their order.  In leu of the actual diameter not being provided, RibGrips will quote based on the following standard:
24" Wheel (20.75" - 21.25" Handrim)
25" Wheel (21.50" - 22.00" Handrim)
26" Wheel (22.50" - 23.00" Handrim)
* Color/Quantity. (RibGrips are sold as a set (2)).
* Please include the VA Facility location.
Upon receiving the information, we'll send send a formal .pdf quote with in 24 hours. You may call or email us at anytime with questions.
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