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Installation Detailed Instructions

Below are the steps we use in-house to achieve the best results for temporary and permanent bonding of our covers to clean, raw, 3/4" circular diameter tubing handrims. #4, #6 and #7 are important steps that will help with first time insulation issues should any occur.  Verify handrim tubing is 3/4" circular diameter (or close to).  Our RibGrips (RG) covers are NOT designed to fit "Oval" or "U" shaped handrims (like Surge & Natural Fit) OR be installed over pre-coated handrims. 

  1. Verify each handrim's outer diameter in inches by measuring from outside to outside across each handrim's center.  This is the number we need to correctly make your order.
  2. After verification, clean each handrim thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove ALL oils and contaminants.  The cleaner the better!
  3. Before installation, lightly pre-stretch each RG cover by hand (like a rubber band) to make installation easier. 
  4. Our covers were designed to be easy to remove for cleaning or replacement without disassembly of the wheels which is why we include a non-permanent, roll-on tack glue.  If using our roll-on tack glue, apply to the inside of each cover from edge to edge along the entire circumference.  Then, let the cover sit for 10 minutes prior to installation to allow the tack glue to set-up and get tacky.  After 10 minutes, it's time to install.
  5. For 1-person installation, it's suggested to start at 12 o'clock and work around the circumference of the handrim in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction until completely installed.  This technique might create some distortion of the cover which may require the installer to adjust the cover in specific areas for a better fit; just pull or stretch (like a rubber band) the cover away and reposition as needed.
  6. Once a cover is installed, allow up to 45 minutes for the tack glue to set-up further.  The tack glue will NEVER fully cureas it is designed to be non-permanent, but it should provide adequate hold for every-day use.
  7. Sections of a newly installed cover may peel away from the handrim. If you encounter this, stretch the section of the cover that peeled away (like a rubber band), apply more tack glue inside then reposition on the handrim. This typically solves the peel away effect. If covers still feel loose or slightly roll, reapply the tacky glue. Allow at leaset 45 minutes between coats.  The thicker and gummier glue build gives a firmer adhere to the handrim.
  8. For permanent hold, we have found that Gorilla Glue Clear Gel (GGCG) as seen in our FAQs located on our website is the best solution.  Assuming the inside of the covers and handrims are clean of oils, contaminants and roll-on tacky glue, simply apply lines of GGCG to the inside of each cover and then immediatelyinstall the covers to each handrim following the 1-person installation guide above.  You do NOT need to completely cover the inside of each cover with GGCG as the bond it creates between the cover and handrim IS permanent.  BE ADVISED that this glue is great for bonding use, but makes it extremely difficult to remove worn covers from handrims for future replacement and may leave residue.

(Note: Gorilla Glue manufactures a variety of adhesives. Due to our proprietary material, we've found Gorilla Clear Gel (has a green cap) is the only adhesive to secure RibGrips covers to clean raw aluminum handrims. If you choose a permanent hold, you must remove the water soluble tacky glue by washing both the covers and handrims before applying.) 

Please feel free to contact us with questions, issues or feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank You,

  • RibGrips Team

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