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How do I clean my RibGrips handrim covers? - FAQ

Ribgrips are designed to self clean and resist debris build-up with regular use.

Extra cleaning and sterilization may be accomplished removing or without removing the handrim cover:

Proposition #1: Without removing RibGrips from the handrim. Use an alcohol solution to limit microbial proliferation or liquid dish soapy water. We recommend using a spray bottle and misting the ribs allowing the solution to get in between the rib discs. Then wipe once clockwise and counter clockwise 360° with a damp cloth. Use a soft plastic bristled brush along with liquid soapy water, brush once or twice clockwise and counter clockwise 360°. Allow 1 to 2 minutes to dry.

Proposition #2: Removing the RibGrips from the handrim. Peel the RibGrips covers from the handrim and submerge them in a warm liquid dish soapy water. Let the RibGrips soak for approximately an hour. The water-soluble glue will dissolve. Allow adequate drying time after removing the covers from the soapy water. Take a dry rag and wipe the inside to remove any residue that may not have dissolved. You may leave the tacky glue residue on the handrim. The heavier coated and gummier tacky glue build up helps adhere the cover to the handrim. Apply the roll-on tacky glue and re-install handrim covers. Allow 10 mins for the roll-on tacky glue to tack up before installing. More instructions on installing are located on our website

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