How durable is rubber on RibGrips handrim covers?

  • Unlike the vinyl or rubber coated handrims, RibGrips handrim covers can take a strike from a sharp objects without the material peeling off.
  • The material is extremely resistant to tearing and separation. The material can be stretched up to 10x the design dimensions and return to original size without wear. 

    Should RibGrips be installed without tape or glue?

    • For regular everyday use, we’ve found that our grip covers can be applied directly to clean raw 3/4” diameter tubing handrims and provides a secure hold with minimal rolling/twisting.
    • For more aggressive use, we can provide a special tacky roll-on adhesive which can be applied to the Cover prior to installation and provides a very secure hold with extremely minimal rolling/twisting.
    • For sport use, we have found that Gorilla Gel brand glue can be applied sparingly (dots or lines) on the clean raw 3/4” diameter tubing handrims prior to installation for a more permanent hold comparable to our original over-molded design.

    We prefer the non-roll-on adhesive and roll-on adhesive options as they allow our grip covers to be removed, washed and re-installed or replaced quickly and easily without the need to remove the handrims from the chair.

    "As an actual user of competitor's grip covers, I was the most pessimistic person at our company towards manufacturing this style of handrim grip due to past experiences of covers rolling/twisting, falling off tearing easily, providing minimal handrim coverage, etc. However, after installing these on my own chair, their performance has blown my mind! I'm a passive/aggressive user and am having GREAT results without using the glue. They also work better than expected using the tops of my hands under the handrim. Based on tester feedback, here are our recommendation for installation." -Brandon Handel, Co-Founder - RibGrips.

    • Passive/Aggressive User: No Roll-on Adhesive
    • Aggressive User: Roll-on Adhesive
    • Quad Rugby/Sports: Glue

    How long do RibGrips handrim covers last before I have to replace them?

    • During research and development RibGrips users found that their RibGrips handrim covers lasted from 12-14 months before showing significant signs of wear.
    • Further, aggressive users found that even after ribs became worn, the base layer of material provided enhanced braking and propulsion.

    Will I get friction heat burn on my hands from Ribgrips handrim covers?

    • Users may need to get used to applying less grip pressure when slowing and braking. Less contact and grip pressure is required with RibGrips (compared to other pushrims). This is due to the mechanical advantages of Ribgrip's material and rib design.
    • Excessive grip pressure may lead to some friction heat due to the inherent “grab-you-back” properties of the material.

    Are RibGrips handrim covers Latex free?

    • Yes, RibGrips rubber material are Latex free and has Antimicrobial Protection.

      Why are RibGrips handrim covers wider than the normal rubber coated handrims?

      • RibGrips handrim are 1/4 inch wider in diameter than the average rubber coated handrim.  This maximizes gripping surface and ergonomic feel while still allowing users to fit through standard sized doorways.

        How do RibGrips work in wet weather conditions?

        • Testing and feedback from customers has concluded that RibGrips work very well in snow and light rain! However, like any coated handrim, RibGrips will be slick in continuous rain.

        I am a Veteran. How do I get the VA to order RibGrips Handrim Covers?

             How do I clean my RibGrips Handrim Covers?

            • Ribgrips are designed to self clean and resist debris build-up with regular use. Extra cleaning and sterilization may be accomplished as follows;
              • Use an alcohol solution to limit microbial proliferation. We recommend using a spray bottle and misting the ribs allowing the solution to get in between the rib discs. Then wipe once clockwise and counter clockwise 360° with a damp cloth.
              • Using a soft plastic bristled brush along with liquid soapy water, brush once or twice clockwise and counter clockwise 360°. Allow 1 to 2 minutes to dry.